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I build machine learning systems at a bookstore & write at Applied science @ Amazon. Prev Lazada, Alibaba, IBM.

Office Hours

How he switched from engineering to data science, what “senior” means, and how writing helps.

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Data cleaning: Assess what you consume

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Chip shares about setbacks she faced, overcoming them, and how writing changed her life.

Office Hours

Thinking of building your data science portfolio? If we google for “data science portfolio”, we’ll get many results on “how” to build one.

Google search results for “data science portfolio”. Many are related to getting a job.

Thoughts and Theory

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Emphasis on ethics & bias; More sequences & bandits


Hands-on Tutorials

Checking for correct implementation, expected learned behaviour, and satisfactory performance (with a sample GitHub!)

Testing machine learning (source)

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Examining the broad strokes of NLP progress and comparing between models.

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